The Organic Garden Cafe on Cabot Street in Beverly

The Organic Garden Cafe is the place to go if you want to clean up your act after the big turkey gorge! Everything is 100% vegan which means no dairy and no animal products whatsoever.

” We place emphasis on the purity of each recipe and operation. Meals contain no cholesterol or unhealthy fats. Food is high in assimilable proteins and essential fatty acids found in the nuts, seeds, greens, veggies and sprouts we use. Our salt is hand harvested, low in sodium, mineral rich and good for the body….We use no artificial or processed ingredients of any kind. Our wine and beer are also organic.” The Organic Garden Cafe

I had the Black Bean Bowl which is very tasty and completely guilt free. Spinach, brown rice, black beans, avocado, carrot, and scallion with curry and lemon tahini! All of their dishes are thoughtfully designed to taste delicious and maximize nutrition. Thanks Organic Garden Cafe, I needed that!

Above is the Corn Chowder. It’s done with an almonds base and  is really delicious.

Here’s the chili..tons of fresh veggies, light and healthy!

Lauren has been thinking about vegan/vegetarian options for a long time and is much more aware than I am. I grew up with soup in a can and TV dinners – we were really impressed by the convenience of these innovations. Then in the 80s and 90s we became obsessed with the luxury of having food from all over the planet shipped to our neighborhood market  I have a lot of respect for those who put the environment first and for those who stick to their super healthy diet. It’s great to have this ultra healthy spot in our area! I’m inspired to try harder, leave a smaller footprint, and think more about the future of our planet.

The Organic Garden Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. Check out their website at The Organic Garden Cafe!

Bon Appetit,

Robin and Lauren


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  1. Catherine says:

    I love this site and am happy I had time this morning to catch up on your posts. Will head to Organic Garden soon!

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