Ballymaloe Cookery School – week three


Rory Occonnell demoToday’s demonstration at Ballymaloe was centered around roast beef, and beef and lamb braises. Above is Rory O’Connell who is one of the three celebrity chefs that do the daily cooking demonstrations. As an intern, I am occasionally in the audience, but more often helping to prepare the demonstration in the kitchen behind the demonstration room. Other days I am working with the chef that makes the prepared food (bread, soups, stews, marmalade, cookies) for the Middleton Farmers Market and the Ballymaloe Store. Today, I sat in on the demonstration which was mostly things one would make for a holiday or a dinner party. I always love seeing how they do their presentations.

DemoThis is the reflection from the large rustic mirror that hangs above the demonstration kitchen. In case it is confusing, you are seing the reflection of the first row of students and Rory and Darina doing the demonstration. The demonstration included a mind boggling assortment of braises and side dishes, but I am giving you a snap shot of one or two plates.

Roast BeefHere is a beautiful roast beef which came with loads of tips on how to select a butcher and a piece of meat as well as how to trim and carve. You can see the little Yorkshire puddings around the beef and then below, a popover…

popoverPopover filled with whipped cream and raspberry jam

I loved the plate of crudities. Darina explained that the primary reason to have such a plate would be to highlight vegetables that were right out of the garden, so these are all vegetables that come directly out of the glasshouses at Ballymaloe.

crudityThe crudities were served with an olive oil and spice mix.

From there, I took a walk down to the glass houses to see what was growing…

curly KaleCurly Kale


SproutsBrussel sprouts  and much, much more…

the gardens at Ballymaloe winter      then a walk back though the gardens…

  roosters hens chairand a check on the chickens

All and all a really great day,

Bon Appetit,


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