Robin’s test kitchen


IMG_1255 So, America’s Test Kitchen has been a lot of fun. We are more than half way through the three-month internship and we were just assigned a “muffin project”. This project involves developing a muffin recipe. The first step is to  make 5 different variations of any one type of muffin and then ask tasters to give feedback. I chose blueberry bran muffins.

My tasters were very thorough and gave me a lot of great feedback. Many thanks to Nicky, John, Leslie, Gary and Ellen.

And the muffins….


IMG_1238So many muffins, so little time.

Bon appetit,




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6 Responses to Robin’s test kitchen

  1. nancy bildner says:

    Robin, so glad to hear from you. so many , many muffins, that all looks yummy. n

  2. Megan says:

    amazing! El is all business. And I love Gary’s NSNS plate! 🙂

  3. stephanie senecal says:

    Looks so delicious….what is next?? Admire you!!

  4. stephanie senecal says:

    The blueberries look yummy and so good am sure…what is next?? Admire you!!

    • Thanks Stephanie! Winding up at America’s Test Kitchen next week! It has been a lot of fun. Then I am going back to The Market Restaurant for the summer and then, who knows!??? Hope to see you soon.

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