Apple Fritters and Gooseberries

Dear Friends,

It’s been a while. Frankly, I thought you needed a break, but like lots of other annoying things in life, I’m back. I won’t recap the last six months because it’s early in the day and I don’t want you to nod off. In short, I’m still cooking away. I had another wonderful summer up at The Market Restaurant cooking with that lovely bunch of people in beautiful Annisquam.  For the last few weeks, I’ve been cooking a lot for the family including my Mom who seems to be in need of a good bowl of soup. Speaking of soup, I made this delicious butternut squash soup with a goat cheese souffle on my last night at The Market…

Acorn Squash soup

I’ve had a lot of fun with Mario Batali’s new cookbook America Farm To Table. As you know, some fat is required in your diet to absorb the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Mario has solved the problem of what to do with those pesky fat-free apples that seem to be hanging around at this time of year. This morning I made these delicious apple fritters with cinnamon whipped cream – so delicious and quite simple.

Apple fritters

For my friends at Ballymaloe Cooking School, I want to post these photos of the gooseberries that I brought back in my suitcase from Shanagarry in March. They were clippings from Ballymaloe’s gooseberry bushes and were nothing more than five twigs. Head gardener, Susan, instructed me to stick them in the ground when I got home and two months later I had berries. Only a few, but come on, really? Mother Nature, you are incredible!

Gooseberries 2

My son Charlie constructed this raised bed for me and we espaliered the gooseberries. I am expecting great things from them in 2015!

Goseberries:raised bedRaised bedPlease write to me with your cooking ideas. I would love any opportunities to cook with or for anyone who is interested through the holiday season.

Bon Appetit,



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